Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Color Wheels as Prayer

My color wheels are a form of prayer.  Making them takes me to a space in my head where my mind is clear and present.  I'm exploring relationships, pattern, variations.  And yet I can do so without judgement or attachment.
There is enough of a structure to frame a contemplative practice while at the same time there is room to explore and play within that practice.  
One of the first color wheels I made was a large collection of buttons.  It came at a time when two people close to me were battling cancer and waiting on next steps.  I felt sad but also frozen, unable to help directly and anxious waiting for news.  I had a bin of buttons on my desk and began just choosing colors and moving them around.  From frozen to moving was a small step and I was soon taken in by the task of sorting and arranging.  It felt like a prayer, like creating a space.  I unmade and remade a color wheel with this same collection of buttons a few times before seeing it down to preserve.  Each time the making was a routine and ritual I could return to for a comforting and contemplative quiet space.

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